Friday, January 15, 2016

Best Sub Places

We have been on a sub kick are a few of our favorites places:
Ponzetti's Pizza & Subs
Salisbury, MD
Of course, Ponzetti's is best known for it's pizza, but their subs are equally delicious. Peter got the cheesesteak and I got the cold cut. The onion rings were the best I have ever eaten! We've been going to this place for years, it's still as good (and busy) as ever!
Jersey Mike's Subs
Salisbury, MD
I got the Italian Cold Cut and Peter got the cheesesteak again. This sub was one of the best! Make sure to ask for it "Mike's way"! :O)
Tony Luke's
Ocean City, MD
We've seen it on the Food Network/Travel Channel and heard good things, so we were anxious to try. We got the traditional (grilled onions & whiz only). It was soooo good!! I'd still like to get to Philly someday to try the other famous cheesesteak places to compare (Geno's, Pat's...)! :O)